About Us


Help SNAP recipients gain self-sufficiency through workforce training, 1:1 success coaching, and access to a network of employment and life resources.


We provide comprehensive workforce-readiness training for SNAP recipients via an online platform which allows job seekers flexibility to access training at their convenience. Our four-week course allows job seekers to access proven practices for researching jobs, applying for jobs that are a match with the job seeker’s strengths, and equipping the job seeker with the tools to present ‘YOUR BEST YOU’ to win the job.

By focusing on essential soft skills like identifying and overcoming past obstacles, time management, teamwork, professionalism, and positivity in the workplace, the job seeker gains confidence and self-esteem which allows them to stand out in an interview process.

In summary SNAP2Jobs helps job seekers present ‘YOUR BEST YOU’ at job interviews to give them a better chance to win the job they want and move to self-sufficiency.

Try vs. Train. We don’t believe in ‘try’. ‘Try’ is just too hard to do alone. We believe in ‘train’, as in a training program you commit to carry you through. Training beats trying every day. Statistics show that trying to solve major life problems on one’s own often results in failure. People need a systematic training process to address these life and job issues. SNAP2Jobs helps people move past ‘trying’ and gets them into a training system that works to carry you through. You don’t try to run a marathon and just one day go out and succeed. You commit to a disciplined training program that will prepare you. SNAP2Jobs is the training program to prepare you for the job interview you want and a better future.


Every graduate of our program leaves with the following…

  • A full assessment of their personal strengths connected to the current job market
  • A professional resume
  • An adjustable cover letter template
  • A certificate of course completion
  • A reference letter from your personal coach
  • Valuable experience from a mock interview based on a real job opening
  • A network of employment resources
  • A personal Success Coach who walks alongside job seekers through completion of the program and beyond


SNAP2Jobs is a mission for us.

Economic poverty. We’ve lived it: Our team members don’t just talk about poverty, they have experienced it; from homelessness, living in shelters or living in their car. We know about addictions to drugs, alcohol and more. Our program comes from being in your shoes. Living without (you fill in the blank), not just reading about difficulties in a book. We know this is a very hard road and life often isn’t fair.

Relational poverty. We’ve lived it. We know what it is like to be alone. That’s why we have Success Coaches 1:1 with you every step of the way, to encourage you and be there for you when you need it.

Spiritual poverty.  An opt-in.  We know what it is like to try and fall back again. And again.  That’s why we believe in the God of second chances.  SNAP2Jobs is a purely secular program, open to all, any race, creed, color, faith or no faith. Anyone on SNAP can join.  But the people at SNAP2Jobs come from a place of faith, because we know what it is like to make mistakes, then be given a second chance.  We all want a fresh start.  SNAP2Jobs coaches walk with you on that journey.  If you want to explore more of your faith journey, then ask your coach about our opt-in program and a chance to connect with others who opt-in.  This is not part of the core SNAP2Jobs program – it is “opt-in“, as in optional.  Not required.