Job Seeker FAQ

What is SNAP2Jobs?

SNAP2Jobs OFFERS a free 4-week online course that equips people with tools and practical strategies essential to taking a next step toward meaningful employment. A major part of the SNAP2Jobs program is connecting a “Success Coach” to a job seeker during the 4-week training program, and for an additional two months after the job seeker has completed the course.

Who’s eligible for the program?

Anyone who is currently receiving SNAP benefits from the State of Colorado is eligible for the program.

What if I’m not on SNAP?

We can direct you to the appropriate state resources who can determine your eligibility.

How do I enroll in the program?

Please fill out the lead form on our homepage. Once we receive your information, we will send you an online enrollment form which can be filled out at your convenience.

Does the program count as a state approved educational/job readiness program?

This program does meet the requirements of a state approved educational/job readiness program.

When will I receive the $50 digital gift card for the program?

Once we verify your registration details (1b#, etc.) you will receive course login details. We will send the gift card within 24 – 48 hours once you begin the course.

How long does the program take? Can I get it done in less than 4 weeks?

Everyone progresses through the weekly curriculum at their own pace. We recommend moving through the course one week at a time so that you can gain the greatest benefits from the materials offered. You can complete the material earlier, but the final package of certificate, reference letter, and gift card is not available until the end of week 4. 

Do I need to have a computer to complete the program?

A computer is not required to complete the program. All the material can be completed using a smartphone. For many people the larger screen and keyboard of a computer make it easier to complete the assignments.

What if I have a technical issue while in the program?

We have a tech support team that will assist with any technical issues you may have. If you are having a technical support issue, please contact us at

Who supports me throughout the program?

You will be supported by the staff at SNAP2Jobs, volunteers, and by your assigned Success Coach. Your Success Coach will interact with you on a weekly basis, supporting you at each step in the program.

What if I have a personal issue that prevents me from completing the program?

Our objective is to see you succeed in the SNAP2Jobs work readiness program. If a personal issue arises that prevents you from completing the program, please let us know. Our support services team may be able to help.

What can I expect once I have completed the program?

Once you complete the program, you will have the tools necessary to obtain a well-paying job. While we cannot guarantee employment, we believe the skills that you develop while in the program will help you to stand out compared to other job seekers. Once you complete the program, you’ll have a job seeker toolkit that includes the following:

  • A highly polished and professional looking resume
  • Cover letter writing skills
  • Opportunities for continuing education
  • A letter of reference that can be use during your job search
  • Well-developed interview skills
  • A strong understanding of the key employable traits that hiring managers look for
  • A job search plan
  • A certificate of course completion
  • Access to a network of well-paying employers
What happens after I complete the 4-week program?

Our goal is to see you land a great job. Once you complete the 4-week program, we are here to support you in your job search. As a program graduate, you will be eligible for up to $250 in job search related financial support. That can include things like interview clothing, technology, childcare, and transportation resources. We can even help guide you through the employment search process.

What are other job seekers saying about the 4-week program?

“Everything changed 3 weeks ago when I started this program… my husband has had a big smile on his face!  I got a great job at $20 per hour”

“It was a great program.  It taught me what my strengths were and rebuilt my outdated resume.  Interviews were my all time scariest thing to do, not anymore!”


What is a volunteer Success Coach?

A volunteer Success Coach is the personal face of the SNAP2Jobs program, and key to helping the job seeker gain the greatest benefits from the program. Their role is to encourage, provide constructive feedback, and be a communication link between the job seeker and SNAP2Jobs.

How do I become a Success Coach?

Becoming a Success Coach begins with expressing an interest – If you are interested in becoming a Success Coach fill in the form at the bottom of the Success Coach page. Then the SNAP2Jobs recruiting team will contact you with further information about how to get started. SNAP2Jobs has a 3-step on-boarding process that prepares you to be a great coach. Once you are trained you will be assigned up to 4 job seekers to support for a 3 month period.  We help you be successful every step along the way.

Why should I become a Success Coach?

There are many reasons to be a Success Coach – what we hear most often is “I want to make a difference” or  “I want to be a change agent”.  But maybe the biggest reason is that it gives you the opportunity to love your neighbor by serving people in ways that encourage them to take charge of their own life, and make positive, practical steps forward.

What can I expect if I become a Success Coach?

On the practical side, you can expect to invest about an hour a week for each job seeker assigned to you for a 4-week period.  After the 4 weeks you’ll continue to meet (online) with the job seeker once a month for 2 more months. On the personal side, you should expect to be challenged, surprised, and even rewarded as you interact with the job seeker on the course materials and as you hear about the plans, hopes, and dreams people have for their future.

You say the program is virtual. What if I’m not comfortable with technology?

Our Success Coach 3-part on-boarding process is comprehensive and designed to support individuals with a wide range of technical aptitudes.

What kind of time commitment is needed to become a Success Coach?

The actual time commitment varies upon the number of job seekers you coach, but as a standard, it is 1 hour per week per job seeker during the 4-week course period. Additionally, Coaches continue to meet with the job seekers once a month for the next two months. This completes a 3-month coach – job seeker cycle. The number of job seekers you handle is up to you, it’s good to start with 2 – 4 depending on your time availability.  We hope your expereince is great and that you can stay with us as a coach for two 3-month cycles. But we are flexible, just let us know what you can do and we can adjust accordingly.

What happens if my jobseeker wants to talk to me about a bigger life challenge or something sensitive ?

We are not expecting coaches to be counselors or social workers. SNAP2Jobs have staff who can assist with these types of needs.  We make it easy for the coaches to “hand off” these needs to our trained staff. We want our clients to let us know anytime they experience life challenges as we can often provide a solution that enables them to continue with the program.

Can I interact with job seekers after the program is over?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. Our experience has been that Success Coaches frequently develop strong relationships with their job seekers, a relationship that can transcend the boundaries of the program. 

What are volunteer success coaches saying?

Chris said …  ” SNAP2Jobs provided me an opportunity to work with individuals in poverty from my home(virtual). I was able to guide and support these folks as they progressed through the SNAP2Jobs workforce readiness program. It was exciting and meaningful to be a part of their lives and to watch them grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. Training for the program was fast, and I was able to start helping their clients within a week of signing up as a volunteer. It was really easy to get started and I felt like I was making an impact almost instantly. I would recommend this program to anyone who has a heart to serve and who wants to make a difference by helping individuals in poverty gain the skills needed to find a job.”

David said … ” Great way to serve – all online and flexible times … they trained me, and I have already helped several people find a better job! “