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Welcome to the SNAP2Jobs Professional Certification page!  We are excited to offer three certification pathways. To learn more about the certification and next steps, just click on an icon below.


SNAP2Jobs Professional Certifications



CNA– This is a great first step into a career in the medical field. You will have the opportunity to serve others and gain excellent job growth opportunities.


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CDL – You will start with a qualification review and then enroll in a local CDL driving school.  Once completed you will have many great options to begin a new career.




Trades– You will start with a 6 week pre-apprenticeship overview to learn about 6 different trades you can choose from. Once completed you are guaranteed a job in the field of your choosing.


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Phlebotomy– In this career you will work in the lab of a medical center. This is a great launching point into the medical field. You can earn this certification in as little as 4-weeks.


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Get started now!  Please click on the icon of the certification you are interested in to learn more about the jobs and about next steps.



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