Our Volunteers

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At SNAP2Jobs we operate on a hybrid model of staff and volunteers. We rely heavily on our volunteers as they are the heart of the program! We currently have Volunteer Success Coaches who walk with our Job Seekers through their journey.

Who is a Job Seeker you might ask? They are our clients who take the program and are coming to us for our services to them help on their journey to success whether it be getting a job or obtaining their GED or CDL license.

So who is a Volunteer Success Coach? A Volunteer Success Coach is a person who works with our Job Seekers and helps walk them through our program. Our program is a four-week program, and our coaches virtually meet on a weekly basis with our Job Seekers and supports them throughout the program.

Want to get involved or learn more? We are a growing organization and always welcome volunteers! Fill out our volunteer inquiry form to learn more!

Meet Our Volunteers

Nancy Landauer

Leslie Barth

Jennifer Wroten

Missy Petrak

Alicia Lapchak