Our Staff

Staff at desk

We at SNAP2Jobs are an organization made up of people with a passion for helping others. Each of our staff members has experienced poverty or has seen it firsthand and therefore is determined to those in it. We operate with the skills of a corporate organization but with the heart of a non-profit!

Meet Our Staff

Michael Petrak

Founder and Executive Director

Thembi Myeni

Manager of Case Management

Chris Rieple

Director of Operations

Nick Petrak

Manager of Curriculum Development and Content

David Blaine

Chief Program Advisor

Wendy Boutin

Chief Financial Advisor

Michaela King

Chief Engagement Advisor

Jennifer Condreay

Job Development Advisor

Alondra Acevedo

Marketing and Communication Specialist

Mary Lynn

Accounting Manager

Elisa Blair

Contracts Administrator Specialist

Lana Mocas

Senior Case Manager

Stewart Hinds

Data Analyst

Teresa Witte

Senior Case Manager

Luis Llanas

Data Tech