Be A Volunteer Success Coach

Our Mission

Serve people on SNAP through workforce training, 1:1 Success Coaching, and linking to a network of employment and life resources. Increasing access to these resources help address a layer of economic, relational, and spiritual poverty.

Step Out, Step Up, Step In – Volunteer Success Coaches Needed

Are you ready to step out, step up, and step in to a new level of loving your neighbor? You can by joining forces with others to make an impact in your community. How often do you have an opportunity to help change the lives of 5 people in a single year? Interested?

Imagine you are on a team. The other team has scored some points. Now it’s your turn to do something. The pressure is on. You have to take three steps. First, step out of your comfort zone. Next, step up and on to the playing field.  When your chance to score comes, you step into action.

The Success Coach volunteer at SNAP2Jobs is like that. A success coach is a caring person willing to step out of their comfort zone, willing to step up to a new playing field, and when an opportunity comes to serve in a new way, they step into action.

Here’s what our volunteer success coaches are saying …

“It’s so fulfilling”


“I love helping people find good jobs “


We Train you

The SNAP2Jobs 3-step on-boarding process can help you get in the game today. The full on-boarding steps take about 6 hours. Training materials are delivered online and in person.

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A member of our team will contact you about next steps.

You can do this!

The role of the Success Coach is simple and profound. A Success Coach engages with the job seeker online by reviewing their course assignments and meets (online) with the job seeker once a week for the first 4 weeks. Once the training is complete the job seeker transitions into a job search success program that’s overseen by our Job Search Specialist. That’s it!

Am I qualified?

We believe these qualities represent the best coaches:

Aligned – with meeting the needs of people experiencing economic, relational, and spiritual poverty

A Learner – a person who is open to learning new things about new people

A Great Listener – a person who hears more than they talk

A Heart to Serve – a patient person meeting people where they are

A Workplace Experience – a person with professional and successful work experience

Available – a person who has about 1-2 hours a week to set aside to serve others for a 3 month period

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