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SNAP2Jobs is registered with the IRS as PrismXL Services Inc., a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Our program operates as SNAP2Jobs. Your donation is tax-deductible. After each donation you will receive an email receipt for use as your official donation record for tax purposes.

Your Impact

By making a $600 one time gift or a pledge of $50 per month for a year ensures we are able to build out a broad set of services and programs that help change lives for generations to come. Your gifts have enabled hundreds of people to be a part of this program, get solid employment, and on a path to a better, more sustainable life.  Thank you for your support and commitment to make a difference in your community.  Click on the donate button to get started.

Your Gift Makes a Difference

Every donation helps us sustain operations and provides direct support to help Job Seekers achieve success.

Encourages a Job Seeker to get started in the program.
Provides a Job Seeker with money to assist with interview clothing or interview transportation.
Helps a Job Seeker overcome multiple obstacles to completing the 4-week program.
Provides a Job Seeker with updated technology needed to compete in the job market.
Empowers 6 Job Seekers to get started with our program, leading to 2-3 good jobs.
Provides a pathway to higher-paying jobs through access to skills development programs.
Provides access to apprentice and certifications programs that lead to career-level jobs.

Working Together We’re Making a Difference

SNAP2Jobs has helped hundreds of people make a change in their life and move toward self-sufficiency.  Your donation will help ensure hundreds more have access to these high-impact programs.

Take a look at the impact SNAP2Jobs has made so far! (October 2023)

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