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A career in Phlebotomy is fun and exciting, offering job security, good pay, flexible schedules.


What is a Phlebotomist, and what do they do?

Phlebotomy is the process of drawing blood so diagnostic tests can be performed. Doctors use these tests to track health and plan for medical treatments.  Other medical uses of phlebotomy include drawing blood for donations at designated centers or during blood drives. Research is another area where phlebotomists play a role, by using their skills to draw blood samples used in scientific and medical research projects. Phlebotomists make important contributions to health and healthcare. Click on this link to learn more about a career in Phlebotomy.  


Step Out, Step Up, Step In – Get Started in a Phlebotomy Now


Are you ready to step out, step up, and step in to a new opportunity? You can – making a promise to yourself to change your life by getting into a hig paying trade!  A trade license will open new doors for better paying jobs, give you the confidence you need to succeed, and put you on a solid career path.

Imagine you are on a team. The other team has scored some points.  Now it’s your turn to do something. The pressure is on. You have to take three steps. First, step out of the comfort zone. Next, step up get ready to hit the ball. The pitcher throws the ball, now step in to your swing and smack the ball.

Getting started in a trade is like that. Committing to a Trade means you need to step out of your comfort zone, then step up to take action, and step-in to this life changing opportunity.  It is up to you.  Let’s go.

Here is what others are saying about earning their Phlebotomy Certification:

“getting my certification was a new start – then college, next doing all kinds of things I never believed  possible” 

“the hard part was deciding I was going to do it”

“I waited too long to get started, but now is better then never”


We Open a Door,  You Walk Through

SNAP2Jobs helps you get your Phlebotomy Certification  –  Here are the steps …

  1. Eligible for the free Phlebotomy Program ? – are you currently receiving SNAP or other government provided income supportYes – you are eligible!
  2. Fill in our trade application form details. We move you into online orientation.
  3. Complete our 20 min online orientation class. We move you to the Phlebotomy program to get started earning your certification.
  4. Begin your individual Phlebotomy program – we assess your needs and set up a specific vocational program just for you.
  5. You do the Phlebotomy courses and labs. We track your progress and help you overcome obstacles.
  6. Once you received your certificate and Trade license we help you take a next step toward finding that better job.

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Am I qualified?

We believe these qualities give you the best chance of  success:

Motivated – a person ready to take steps to make things better for yourself and your family.

A Learner – a person who wants to know more about life and being successful in the work place.

A Hard Worker  – a person willing to put in the effort to achieve a goal.

A Heart to Persist  – a person who keeps going and doesn’t give up.

Available – a person who dedicate several hours a week to focus on completing the CNA program.

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